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''Note: Next issue was published as [[Genii 1998 August]] (Volume 61, no. 4). ''
[[Category: Genii 1998|04]]
[[Category: Genii 1998|04]]

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Genii 1998, Volume 61, no. 3.

  • Page 67: Light from the Lamp by Jamy Ian Swiss
    • The Genius of Robert Harbin: A Personal Biography by Eric C. Lewis
    • Trephine by Richard Bartram, Jr.
    • Mainly Mental (reprint) by C.L. Boarde
    • The Magic Book (reprint) by Harry Lorayne
    • Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling and Dynamic Computer Memories by S. Brent Morris
    • Nocturnal Creations; The Impromptu Cards Illusions of Paul Gordon by Paul Gordon
    • Close-up Classics by Michael Vincent
    • … From a Shuffle Deck in Use by Paul W. Cummins
    • Thayer Quality Magic, Vol. 4 by Glenn G. Gravatt
    • Milt Larsen's Magic Castle Tour by Carol Marie
    • Selling Your Specially Act to Hollywood by Shaunnery Steevans
    • The Magical Writting of Edward A. Dawes - A Reference Guide 1955-1996 by Edwin Dawes
    • It's Not Fun To Be Fooled by Bill Nagler

Note: Next issue was published as Genii 1998 August (Volume 61, no. 4).

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