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Cover: Dr. Hooker cover



  • 36 Celebracadabra, Part 1: Illusion of Reality - Adventures in Unscripted Television by David Regal
  • 40 Mousepad Magic At Your Fingertips Contest
  • 48 Dr. Hooker and the Science of Marvels by Jim Steinmeyer
  • 74 Watching Dr. Hooker’s Impossibilities by Jim Steinmeyer


Magicana by David Acer

Light From the Lamp

Books Reviewed by Eric Mead

  • 96 Professional Secrets: A Life in Magic by Geoffrey Durham
  • 97 Scripting Magic by Pete McCabe
  • 99 Inside the Head of Donny Orbit by Dave Forrest

Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner

  • 100 Past Midnight by Benjamin Earl
  • 101 Extreme Possibilities, Volumes 1-4 by R. Paul Wilson
  • 102 Into the Abyss by Oz Pearlman
  • 102 Loops and Reflections by Yigal Mesika and Finn Jon
  • 103 Eugene Burger Presents: Exploring Magical Presentation by Eugene Burger

Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver

  • 104 The Enchanted Cube by Craig Nichols
  • 104 Social Distortion by Andrew Mayne
  • 105 Castle Maynia by Andrew Mayne
  • 105 Omega Reel by Precision Magic
  • 106 Echo by Wayne Dobson
  • 106 The Real Ghost by Christopher Taylor
  • 107 Shhhh! by Larry Becker and Lee Earle

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