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Genii, December 2010, Vol. 73, #12

Cover: Earl "Presto" Johnson


  • Presto: A Grand Master by Jamy Ian Swiss
  • Needle Through Balloon by Carl Albright
  • Presto Magic by Jamy Ian Swiss
    • “Coin Go” Coin Pull
    • The One-Two-Three Coin Trick
    • In-the-Hands Han Ping Chien
    • Coin Assembly
    • Presto's Half Dollar Assembly
    • Presto's Palm Change
    • Jumbo Copper/Silver
    • The Really, Really Instantaneous Coin Change
    • Prestoisms by Mal Cross and Carl Albright
  • American Gypsy by Alexander "Sandy" Marshall


Light from the Lamp

  • Books Reviewed by Eric Mead
  • Tricks Reviewed by David Oliver
    • Diamond Cut Mirror Goblet by Steven Dick
    • Red Streamlined Convertible by David Regal
    • Twisted Blizzard by J. Aaron DeLong
    • Joe Monti's Original Thumb Tie by Joe Monti
    • Mash Pack by Garrett Thomas with Paul Harris
    • Counterfeit Money by Cody S. Fisher
  • Videos Reviewed by Joe M. Turner
    • Levent's Ultimate Guide to the Billiard Balls by Levent
    • Innovative Card Magic by Mariano Goñi
    • The Close-Up Magic of Chef Anton, Chef Anton Live at Soapy Smith Night, The Pool Hustler's Handbook by Chef Anton
    • Classic Indian Street Magic by Martin Breese
    • Dupes by Gary Jones and Chris Congreave
    • The Most Complete Introduction to Magic (box set) by Michael Ammar
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