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*Books Reviewed by [[Jamy Ian Swiss]]
*Books Reviewed by [[Jamy Ian Swiss]]
**The Last Greatest Magician in the World: [[Howard Thurston]] vs. [[Houdini]] & the Battles of the American Wizards by [[Jim Steinmeyer]]
**[[The Last Greatest Magician in the World]]: [[Howard Thurston]] vs. [[Houdini]] & the Battles of the American Wizards by [[Jim Steinmeyer]]
**[[Secret Agenda]] by [[Roberto Giobbi]]
**[[Secret Agenda]] by [[Roberto Giobbi]]
**Confessions of a Conjuror by [[Derren Brown]]
**[[Confessions of a Conjuror]] by [[Derren Brown]]

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Genii, Volume 74, #1

COVER: Houdini: Art and Magic



  • Houdini: Art and Magic
  • Card-Shark: The Miracle Maker of Playing Cards by Richard Kaufman


Magicana by David Acer

  • Cartier by David Jade
  • Burnin’ Time by Jeff Stone
  • Space Saver by Cameron Francis
  • A.D.D. Aces by Joe Rindfleisch
  • Mind Stunts: Tossed Out Rubik's Cube by Patrik Kuffs

Light from the Lamp

  • Videos Reviewed by Dustin Stinett
    • Metal: Getting Started in High Impact Coin Magic by Eric Jones
    • Slim by Craig Petty
    • Project Zero by David Forrest
    • Multiplicity by Max Maven

  • Tricks Reviewed by Danny Orleans
    • Evogram by Jay Crowe
    • The My$terious Puzzle of the Mi$$ing Dollar Bill by Nicholas Einhorn
    • WOW2 by Katsuya Masuda
    • X-Ray by Ben Harris and Steve Shufton
    • Memento by David Regal
    • Transformer Card by Dan Burgess
    • Linking Hearts by Paul Romhany
    • Sports by Dean Dill
    • Torn 2 Pieces by Shawn Farquhar

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