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MagicPedia is an open-source encyclopedia that can be edited by everyone.

How to Create a Page
Pages do not exist before someone creates them. So, if you search for a page regarding, for example, the Double Lift or Dove Productions, and you don't find a reference, then you can be the first one to create that entry. So, to get started, type the subject you're looking for in the search box to the left. If no matching subject already exists, MagicPedia will give you the option to create a new page. Once you've created the new page, add the content.

How to Edit A Page
All pages can be edited by anyone viewing them unless the text is locked. Because MagicPedia is a dynamic community, editing pages should only be necessary for the creation of content or the correction and addition of content. For instructions on editing pages, see Help: Editing or MagicPedia: How to edit a page

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