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== References ==
== References ==
* Old and the New Magic by [[Henry Ridgely Evans]] (1906)  
* [[The Old and the New Magic]] by [[Henry Ridgely Evans]] (1906)  
* [[Unmasking of Robert-Houdin]] by [[Harry Houdini]] (1908)
* [[Unmasking of Robert-Houdin]] by [[Harry Houdini]] (1908)
* [[Great Illusionists]] by [[Edwin A. Dawes]] (1979)
* [[Great Illusionists]] by [[Edwin A. Dawes]] (1979)

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Henri Robin
BornHenri Joseph Donckele
July 12 1811
DiedFebruary 24 1874 (age 62)
Henri Robin (1811 - 1874), born Henri Joseph Donckele in France, opened his "Salle Robin" theater in Paris in 1862 and became a major celebrity in France.

Robin played the Egyptian Hall, the first magician to do so, for 309 performances in 1862, just before returning to Paris to open his own theater, Theatre Robin.

Besides performing magic, he showed an "agioscope" which projected upon a screen the history of creation in forty five pictures. Robin also performed experiments in physics and chemistry and an exhibition of the ghost illusion (based on Pepper's Ghost) closed the entertainment.

Robin was a contemporary and rival of Robert-Houdin (who did not even Robin in his memoirs). One of the many things were at odds about was the performance of the inexhaustible bottle, each claiming to have created and exhibited it first.

When the Davenport Brothers came to Paris, Robin duplicated all their tricks at his theater.

About 1869, after operating his theater for seven years, he gave up magic and became the proprietor of a hotel.


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  • Secret de la Physique Amusante (1864).


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