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* 1985-1986 Steve Zuehlke (Shields)
* 1985-1986 Steve Zuehlke (Shields)
* 1987 Barry Silverman
* 1987 Barry Silverman
* 1988 [[Laurence "Chuck" Levy]]
* 1988 [[Chuck Levy|Laurence "Chuck" Levy]]
* 1989 Rick Neiswonger
* 1989 Rick Neiswonger
* 1990 [[Roger Linden]] (Egar)
* 1990 [[Roger Linden]] (Egar)

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IBM Ring 1 is the St. Louis Missouri chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

Originally began as the "St. Louis Magic Club" with Andrew Buel as one of the founding members. It was also later formed into a Society of American Magicians Assembly. When this Assembly was disbanded he formed the "St. Louis Society of Magicians".

In 1927, Buel created the idea of the assemblies being called rings (based upon the idea of linking rings) at a convention & President W.W. Durbin gave him permission to form the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring One in St. Louis.

The Midwest Magic Jubilee is held each year in St. Louis. Started in 1956 and shared with Kansas City the Jubliee has grown every year. It was noted as Dia Vernon's favorite convention.

The book about the Ring One presidents and other famous St. Louis magicians, History of Magic in St. Louis, was written by Don Rataj in 2011.

St. Louis past Ring One Presidents


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