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Ibidem Events Potpourri was a convention held annually at Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada organized by Bob Weill and P. Howard Lyons, the editor of Ibidem, beginning in 1979.[1]

It began as an invited only gathering of contributors to Ibidem. It was usually limited to 35 mostly close-up workers. They would spend a four day weekend (Thursday through Sunday) in mid-October at the Oban Inn each year.

In 1986, when Lyons was no longer able to be a full-time co-organizer of "Ibidem Events" because of business reasons, the name was changed to "Oban Events".

  • 1979 lecturers and performers: : David Roth and Brother John Hamman
  • 1980 Stewart James was honored with lecturers and performers: Phil Goldstein, Daryl Martinez, and Michael Ammar.
  • 1981 lecturers and performers: Larry Becker, Jerry Andrus, Phil Willmarth, Sid Lorraine, Mike Close, Jon Charles, and Michael Skinner.
  • 1982 lecturers and performers: Steward James
  • 1983 lecturers and performers: Steward James, Al Mann, Jerry Andrus, Jon Charles, Michael Weber
  • 1984 ?
  • 1985 lecturers and performers: David Ben, Richard Osterlind

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