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*IBM Ring 4, Batavia.
*IBM Ring 4, Batavia.
*IBM Ring 5, Cincinnati.
*IBM Ring 5, Cincinnati.
*IBM Ring 6, ????
*IBM Ring 6, Philadelphia
*IBM Ring 7, Toledo, Ohio.
*IBM Ring 7, Toledo, Ohio.
*IBM Ring 8, Canton, Ohio.
*IBM Ring 8, Canton, Ohio.

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The International Brotherhood of Magicians (I.B.M.), started in 1922, is one of the world's largest magic organization with nearly 13,000 members worldwide. The have over 300 local groups, called Rings, in more than 73 countries. There is even an online Ring called Ring 2100.

The first president was Len Vintus from 1922-1926.

It's monthly magazine is called the Linking Ring.

In 1927, Andrew Buel wrote President W. W. Durbin for permission to form the first local chapter, he called a "ring", in St. Louis, Missouri. He was then given the honor of having Ring One, and St. Louis has maintained #1 ever since.



  • IBM Ring 1, St. Louis, Missouri.
  • IBM Ring 2, Youngstown, Ohio.
  • IBM Ring 3, Kenton.
  • IBM Ring 4, Batavia.
  • IBM Ring 5, Cincinnati.
  • IBM Ring 6, Philadelphia
  • IBM Ring 7, Toledo, Ohio.
  • IBM Ring 8, Canton, Ohio.
  • IBM Ring 11, Detroit.
  • IBM Ring 13, Pittsburgh.
  • IBM Ring 16. Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • IBM Ring 17, Hamilton, Ontario.
  • IBM Ring 18, Spokane, Washington.
  • IBM Ring 19, Glasgow
  • IBM Ring 20, Harrisburg
  • IBM Ring 364, Boise, Idaho.


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