J.G. Thompson, Jr.

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* [[Between Two Minds]] (with [[Ned Rutledge]]) 1967
* [[Between Two Minds]] (with [[Ned Rutledge]]) 1967
* [[Top Secrets of Magic, Vol. 3]] (1968)
* [[Top Secrets of Magic, Vol. 3]] (1968)
* [[The Living End]] (1972)
* [[The Miracle Makers]] (1975)
* [[The Miracle Makers]] (1975)

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J.G. Thompson, Jr.
BornJames G. Thompson, Jr.
March 13, 1910
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania,
DiedJuly 6, 1975 (age 65)

J.G. Thompson, Jr. (1910 - 1975) was a prominent banker and magician who specialized in close-up magic, card magic and mentalism.

Thompson was President of the First National Bank of Middleburg, Pennsylvania where he grew up. He attended Amherst College. Thompson became interested after seeing Ed Reno perform.

By the 1930s, he was inventing and writing magic as a Jinx contributor. He also would do the indexes for the Jinx.

By 1934 Mr. Thompson was working as a semi-professional, presenting a full evening show. In 1938, he was presenting a forty-five minute two-person act of telepathy.

Thompson edited Bobo's Watch This One! book, was an Associate Editor of Linking Ring magazine, and was a frequent contributor to The Jinx, Phoenix, The Linking Ring, M-U-M, The Sphinx and Genii.

Several of his books were printed serially in M-U-M before being produced as books as Tops Secrets of Magic.



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