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J. B. Bobo (February 11, 1910 – September 12, 1996) was born in Texarkana, Arkansas and christened with those initials only. His French immigrant great-grandfather, Jean Beaubeaux, had anglicized the family name.
J. B. Bobo
BornFebruary 11, 1910
Texarkana, Arkansas
DiedSeptember 12 1996 (age 86)

His family moved to Canada when he was twelve about the time he got interested in magic. Bobo later returned to Texarkana at age nineteen, where he started to perform locally. He met and married Lillian Carlow, who became part of his act. The Bobos traveled around giving school shows. At their peak, they performed 400 to 450 shows a year. It has been estimated that they gave more than 14,000 school shows over fifty year career.

In 1947, Bobo started to put many of his magic ideas into books that earned him a worldwide reputation. Bobo also excelled as an artist, cartoonist, photographer, cinematographer, and craftsman. He designed his own flyers and posters, and he made many of his own trick apparatus.

In 2006, a DVD tribute was created, which featured an interview, a complete children's performance by him and his wife, along with demonstrations and explanations of many of his tricks.



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