Jack Kent Tillar

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Jack Kent Tillar

Jack Kent Tillar is a composer and mentalist who has won an Academy Award, Tony and an Emmy.

His mentalism effects have been published in Magick, Genii, Invocation, and Talisman.

At the age of nine, a friend took him to Hollywood Magic and in a few years he got a copy of volume one of Tarbell. At 13 he was a school stage manager and by 14 he was a TV magician.

He was a naval officer and at USC, he studied psychology to become a director and writer. He composed, wrote and produced Varsity Shows, and song festivals.

Years later, he worked CBS and at one point he was a junior exec in cost control at CBS Television City under Bill Larsen. He supervised the music for many shows like Playhouse 90, Climax!, Perry Mason and the Twilight Zone.[1] At Desilu and Columbia, he supervised many episodes of The Untouchables, Naked City, and Route 66. He was music director for years on the Jacque Cousteau series, Roots, National Geographic Shows (for 27 years) and movies such as Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. He also composed That's Incredible!, Bob Hope (10 years) CBS Specials: E.T., Star Wars, Indiana Jones and many TV Series.[2]


  • The Assumption Swindle (2007)
  • The Blister Book (2007)
  • Trio: Three Complete Acts for the Mentalist (2007)
  • Solo: The Walk-Around Mentalist (2008)
  • Duet: 2-Person Mentalism (2008)
  • Quintet Predictions for all Occasions (2008)
  • Sextet : Long Distance Telepathy (2008)
  • Quartet: Up Close and Personal Mentalism (2009)
  • Septet: Super Powers for Menatlist (2010)


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