James Barton

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James Barton (April 21, 1858 - April 30, 1935), born in St. Louis, Missouri performed as "El Barto" and "Barton, The Merry Wizard" in the lyceum, vaudeville and private engagements who performed almost up until his death.[1]

Barton began as an apprentice to Signor Blitz for several years when he was only eleven before starting his own career in 1874.

His most successful years were from 1920 until his retirement in 1934, where he was one of the oldest magicians to play Lyceum.

He became very active in the magic society and became known as "Uncle Jim". In 1929, he was honored by a dinner in Philadelphia as the "Dean of Philadelphia magicians." He became President of the SAM Philadelphia Assembly No. 4 and the first president of IBM Philadelphia Ring No. 6.

Barton announced his retirement from Lyceum at the 1934 convention of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.


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