Jay's Journal of Anomalies

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Jay's Journal of Anomalies was a quarterly publication by Ricky Jay that ran from Spring 1994 until 2000.

Subjects covered dog performers, exhibiting obesity, common animals exhibited as rarities, performances of crucifixion (real and fraudulent), performing fleas, facial contortionists, 18th century showman Isaac Fawkes, ceiling walkers, nose amputation (fake), the "Aztec Lilliputians", the athletic legless Harvey Leach, the artful history of bowling, fasters who starved themselves for profit, the shared history of dentistry and legerdemain, early levitation and machines that replicated human abilities.

The publications were numbered Volume One, Number One through Volume Four, Number Four, for a total of 16 issues.

They were bound into book form with a additional illustrations with an afterword by Ricky Jay.

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