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| image_caption  =  
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| editor          =  
| illustrator    = Earle Oakes
| illustrator    = [[Earle Oakes]]
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| language        = English
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| pages          =  
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| isbn            =

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Jennings '67
AuthorRichard Kaufman
PublisherKaufman and Company
IllustratorEarle Oakes
Publication Date1997

Jennings '67 was the first book in an anticipated trilogy devoted to the magic of Larry Jennings written in 1997. All three volumes will be written by Richard Kaufman.

The theme of the book is a collection of tricks either conceived by Jennings in or around the year 1967. It also contains contemporary reworkings of some of these tricks by Jennings.

The other books in the trilogy will include Mr. Jennings Takes It Easy and Mr. Jennings Takes It Tough.

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