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Jim Rainho Products ( along with Simplex Magic and Abra-Kadabra Magic Systems) were founded by Jim Rainho.

Rainho first sold his magic creations privately until 1954 when he started selling them exclusively through Holden’s Magic Shop in Boston. When Holden’s closed down, he went into magic manufacturing full time, publishing his first magic catalog in 1966, establishing the Simplex Magic logo, and Abra-Kadabra Magic Systems, under James Rainho Products.

Six Catalogs were published until it went digital with a web site.

Some Notable Releases were:

  • Flash Candle Production
  • Flame of Kan-Del
  • Omega Electronic Candles
  • Double Candle Production
  • Color Symphony
  • All Balled Up
  • Fountain of Silks & Dove Production
  • Simplex Invisible Dove Harness
  • Rainbow Silk Dye
  • Great Egg Trick
  • Acid Madness
  • Superb Book Test
  • Bio Rapport
  • Roped Chips Mystery
  • Ex-Actly
  • Pyramid Glass Suspension
  • Trans-Silk-Vania
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