Joe Stuthard

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Joe Stuthard (1913? - 1993?) , "Canadian TV Magician" and Svengali Deck pitchman who spent time in Canada and England.

He also billed himself as the "Canadian Funatic". His wife was regularly used as a stooge from the audience in his shows, rather than as an assistant.

Stuthard created the Trilby Deck in 1949 and founded the Kaymar Magic Co. with Harry Baron around 1953. The name was formed using the first name of Joe's wife (Kay) and the first three letters of Harry's wife's name (Mary).

He was a vice president of The Zodiac Magical Society and member for the Magic Circle (M.I.M.C. with Gold Star). The Stuthard Trophy, from the Zodiac Magical Society, is awarded yearly (since 1950) by the president to the most useful member.

He Genii, it was reported that he died in Australia at the age of eighty.


  • Svengali Subleties (1949)
  • Trilby Deck (1949)
  • Stooging Around (1950)


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