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John Braun ( 1896 - June 22, 1988) was a mechanical engineer by profession in Cincinnati, Ohio for the Procter and Gamble Engineering Development Division. He became president of the IBM (1946-1947) and editor of their Linking Ring magazine (1942-1949).

Under John and Stewart Judah's leadership, the Queen City Mystics magic club applied for a charter from the Society of American Magicians which became Assembly 11 in 1922.

He became the executive editor of the Linking Ring in 1965 then Feature Editor in 1967. He continued his review column "Hocus in Focus", while editing feature and other articles for publication. For seventeen and a half years, John produced a monthly column in the Linking Ring called "Of Legierdemaine and Diverse Juggling Knacks" (which has been collected and published in book form).

He was the author of Subtle Problems You Will Do (1937), with Stewart Judah and has edited book by others including Modern Coin Magic by J. B. Bobo.

He was on the cover of TOPS Magazine in December 1944. He is a recipient of the Literay Fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts.

John was the inventor of The Triple Tube Vanish.

John's lifelong collection of magic literature was acquired by Ken Klosterman and is now in the John Braun Library as a part of his estate home.

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