John Moris

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John Moris
BornJohn Moris Cowen(?)
circa 1868
DiedApril 13, 1941 (age 72)
Buenos Aires
Resting placeTablada Cemetery

John Moris toured extensively in Europe, Africa and South America and was still performing in South America at the age of 72.


As a young man Moris assisted Albini in England before branching out on his own doing sleight of hand magic rather than illusions.

Moris performed at the Royal Aquarium in London, before the British royal family, at St. George's Hall (billed as the "Brazilian Magician" in 1924) and before the King of Egypt.

During his last years in South America he gave more than one hundred and ninety exhibitions in the hotels of Mar del Plata, the Argentine summer resort.

His act usually included "The Sympathetic Silks," "Wine and Water," card sleights and his own "Vanishing Bird Cage." In his programs he would offer a reward of a thousand pesos to anyone who could prove that the birdcage he vanished was not made of copper or that the bird he used was not a live one. No one ever collected.

His brother Arthur Moris also toured as a magician.[1]

References and External Links

  1. The Late John Moris By Milborne Christopher, Sphinx March, 1942.

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