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Joseph Ovette (January 20, 1885 - July 24, 1946) born Giuseppe Olivo in South Italy was a prolific author and top ranking magician.

He lived in Canada and was a very busy professional and very active in Magical Society. The Sphinx and M-U-M had published articles about him and his magic. He is also the originator of the "Ovette Master Move", which had been published in Genii as "Kelly's Bottom Placement", causing some sort of confusion about the originator.

Ovette did a crystal gazing act as "Mar-Jah", of which he would state, he was the several other mental acts billed themselves as "Mar-jah" as well.

A real showman, he wrote a lot of material about publicity stunts like being buried alive and blindfold drives.

He contributed lots of tricks and articles to the The Linking Ring between 1930 and 1940


  • Silk Creations (1931)
  • Eggstraordinary Ways of Eggshibiting With Eggs (1932)
  • The Perfection Flag Trick - 1936
  • Odds and Ends in Cardology - 1937
  • Ovette's Golden Mysteries
  • Practical Telepathy
  • Fast Ones (1940)
  • Ovette's Tricks and Illusionettes - 1944
  • Miraculous Hindu Feats - 1947
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