Karl Germain

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Karl Germain ( February 12, 1878 - August 9, 1959) was born Karl Mattmueller in Cleveland, Ohio. He began his magic career as a boy in Ohio and was touring professionally by the age of twenty. He toured the Great Britain and Ireland as "The American Wizard".

He retired from performing when his sister Ida died (who was his second person in his two-person mentalism act) and went to study law. He resumed performing in 1912, with the assistance of Paul Fleming. He soon started loosing his eyesight and became blind, eventually transferring the show to Paul as his successor.

David Ben's reproduces Germain's Egyptian Water Jars in his act "The Conjuror".


  • Secrets of Karl Germain by Stuart Cramer (1962)
  • Germain The Wizard and His Legerdermain by Stuart Cramer (1966)
  • Germain the Wizard by Todd Karr
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