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*Ken Brooke's Magic: The Unique Years (1980)
*Ken Brooke's Magic: The Unique Years (1980)
*Ken Brooke Series (with Paul Stone) 1981 to 1984
*Ken Brooke Series (with Paul Stone) 1981 to 1984
*[[Ken Brooke's Magic Place) (1994)
*[[Ken Brooke's Magic Place]] (1994)
== Performances ==
== Performances ==

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Magician Ken Brooke (1920 - 1983)

Ken Brooke
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A magic dealer, a skilled demonstrator and a magical consultant. Although his public recognition was not great, Ken Brooke had a profound influence on the greats of the UK magic scene, the likes of David Nixon, Tommy Cooper, Paul Daniels, David Berglas, Geoffrey Durham, and Wayne Dobson.

British magician and magic dealer does not do him justice. Ken Brooke wasn't just another magic dealer. When he sold someone an effect, many times it included his own instructions sheets, which reflected the real experiences of a performer who not only cared about how the tricks should be performed, but who also cared enough to provide information on the proper performance to those who bought his products.

Even for those who do not do particular effects that were sold by Ken Brooke, reading these instructions sheets provided real lessons in magic.

Invented a version of "Chase the Ace," Fido (a card trick), "Squircle"(c. 1950), and may have invented "Professor Cheer's Comedy Rope" (at least he was the first magician on record who performed the trick at Glasgow, Scotland).



  • Ken Brooke's Magic: The Unique Years (1980)
  • Ken Brooke Series (with Paul Stone) 1981 to 1984
  • Ken Brooke's Magic Place (1994)


Ken Brooke Paper balls in hat - Slydini

Ken Brooke Chinese Linking rings

Ken Brooke cup and ball

Ken Brooke Cigarette Fun


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