L. Vosburgh Lyons

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L. Vosburgh Lyons (October 24, 1892 - 1976) was a neuropsychiatrist in New York, a close friend of Anneman, contributed numerous effects to Jinx, Pheonix and Ibidem. He was also known as "Voz".

His "Handkerchief from Rope", a knotted silk through rope routine, appears in Tarbell's Course in Magic Volume 6 and a mentalism routined called "Graphology" is in Annemann's practival Mental Magic. Also created a version of the DEVANO RISING CARDS (with Devano) manufactured by Lou Tannen.

He illustrated a number of books including How To Do Rope Tricks - The Expanded Edition by Harold Denhard and Magic As a Hobby: New Tricks for Amateur Performers by Elliot Bruce.

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