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Leeds Magical Society was founded in 1919 with Dr. J. N. Hawtin as president.

They were ahead of their time by accepting lady members in 1920.

Amongst the original members of the Society was Walter Cerretta Jeans. During the early '20s, visitors included Chris Charlton, Chris Van Bern and Edward Victor.

In November 1928, the first Night of Magic was presented and remained an annual event until the late 1970s. The Society members over the years including Ken Brooke, Harry Corbett, George Blake, Alf Brown, Arthur Leo, Roland Winder and Robert Sinclair. It also had a flourishing junior section which included among its members in the late 1950s Jon Gordon and Steve Walker.

In 1980, the Society merged with the Leeds Magic Circle to become the Leeds Magical Association.[1]

They published books including "More Magic for You" and their official organ was What's Its Name was their official organ.

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