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(Persons who've appeared on the cover)
(Persons who've appeared on the cover)
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*[[Clinton Burgess]]        (July 1927)
*[[Clinton Burgess]]        (July 1927)
*[[Al Saal]]                (August 1927)
*[[Al Saal]]                (August 1927)
*[[William J. Hilliar]]      (September 1927)
*[[Chevalier Ernest Thorn]]  (October 1927)
*[[Adelaide Herrmann]]      (November 1927)
*[[James H. Stevenson]]      (January 1928)
*[[Agosta Meynier]]          (February 1928)
*[[Johnny Ace Palmer]]      (April 1998)
*[[Johnny Ace Palmer]]      (April 1998)

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Linking Ring Magazine
Vol 1 No. 4
First issueJanuary, 1923
The Linking Ring is the name of the official magazine for the International Brotherhood of Magicians.
Vol. 21, No. 1, March 1941

Issue 1 Number 1 was published in January 1923. It was a only four pages. It contained an editorial by Ernest Schieldge, a biography of Len Vintus written by Gene Gordon and a listing of all 20 members.

Issues 11 & 12 from volume 41 don't exist, as explained by Alvin Plough, page 57 of issue 10, december 1941: The Board of Trustees voted to change the time of beginning and ending volumes of The Linking Ring.



Effects by performer

Persons who've appeared on the cover

No covers until Volume 3, no. 1, May 1925.


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  • The Linking Ring. April 1998.
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