Louis St. Pierre, Sr.

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Louis St. Pierre, Sr.
BornLouis A. St. Pierre
December 10, 1889
St. Paul, Minnesota
DiedNovember 18, 1971 (age 81)

Louis St. Pierre, Sr. was owner of the Hollywood Magic Shop, which he purchased after Bert Wheeler's death.

Hi older brother Alfred, took up magic first and Louis was soon performing, too. After Alfred gave Louis all of his own equipment, he played in vaudeville.

His talent as a scenic designer, however, took over as his profession. Soon he was in New York where he designed and painted at the Hippodrome. During the scenic lay-off season he toured New England's local vaudeville with magic.

In 1934 Louis bought the Chicago Grand Opera Company and took it on tour throughout the Midwest.[1]

In 1947 Louis retired, and moved to Pasadena, California, where a brother was living. When Bert Wheeler, owner of a magic shop on Hollywood Blvd was killed in an airplane crash, and it was offered to Louis. He bought the store which he ran with his son Louis St. Pierre, Jr. For a while the St. Pierres had a second shop, managed by his daughter Jean.

He also served as the Treasurer of the Magic Castle.[2]


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