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* ''[[Tricks with your Head]]'' (co-authored with [[Mark Levy]]) (2002)
* ''[[Tricks with your Head]]'' (co-authored with [[Mark Levy]]) (2002)
* Cover [[Genii 2002 January]]
== External links ==
== External links ==

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Mac King is a comedy magician. He has his own family-friendly show, "The Mac King Comedy Magic Show," at Harrah's in Las Vegas.

On the NBC The World's Greatest Magic specials, King taught the audience a simple effect before and after each commercial in segments referred to as the Mac King School of Magic. He is the only magician to be in all five of the network's specials.

In addition to the TV specials and Harrah's performances, King performs at more than 60 private corporate events each year. Some of his better-known effects involve goldfish, Fig Newtons, and a yellow raincoat he claims is a magic cloak of invisibility. King has also launched a uniquely designed line of magic tricks produced by Fundex Games called "Mac King's Magic in a Minute."


Personal life

King was born December 2, 1959 in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. He was a student at the J. Graham Brown School. He has a wife of over 20 years, Jennifer Sils, whom he met when she was an audience participant at one of his shows. In his younger years he performed with fellow Kentuckian Lance Burton during the summers they had off between college semesters.

TV Shows and Specials

King's home was also featured on HGTV.



External links

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