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Madame Cora de Lamond, travelled all over the world from the early sixties to about 1892.[1]

Madame Cora
BornUrsula Bush
United States
Durban, South Africa

She was the first lady magician to tour Australia, opening a show in Sydney at the Prince of Wales Opera House in 1873. Many of her reviews of her Australian reviews were republished in The Year Book Reader by Laurie Ireland. She was also the first lady magician to appear in New Zealand, the first to present mesmerism (hypnotism) and to introduce Troublewit. [2]

She murdered a young female vocalist in her troupe while she was in South Africa in 1877, but her death sentence was commuted.[3]

The Hawaiian Gazette of September, 1871, reports her performing to capacity crowds at Buffum's Hall in Honolulu.

Her manager in Australia, possibly her husband, appears to have been Mr. T. W. Bush.[4]


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