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* Select a [[Special:Random page|Random page]] and review it.
Help MagicPedia by:
* View the [[Special:Wantedpages|Wanted pages]] and create an article for it.
* Selecting a [[Special:Random|Random page]] and reviewing it.
* Help create articles for each care plot in [[Card Magic Classification]].
* Making an article from the [[Special:Wantedpages|Wanted Page]] list.
* Help add pictures to articles (make sure it's public domain).
* Adding [[Help:Categories|Categories]] to articles.
* Need help with "in the news" and "[[MagicPedia:Upcoming_Events|Upcoming Events]]" sections. Leave message on [[User_talk:Jpecore|Joe's talk page]] if you would like to help.
* Adding public domain pictures to articles.
* Submitting items for "[[Template:In_the_news|in the news]]" or "[[MagicPedia:Upcoming_Events|Upcoming Events]]" sections.
All you need to do is [[Special:UserLogin|join]] (free) and click "Edit"

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Help MagicPedia by:

All you need to do is join (free) and click "Edit"

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