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A free online encyclopedia for magician by magicians with 8,486 articles dedicated to the techniques and history of magic that anyone can edit. MagicPedia is the definitive Internet repository of magical techniques for all areas of the magical arts and also a way to document the history of magic.

MagicPedia is not a place to post explanations of magic tricks (though performances of sleights and tricks are welcome via embedded video clips), but a living document, always in flux, that reflects the background knowledge required for a thorough study of the art of magic in all its facets.

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Featured article

Tenyo Ltd. is a toy manufacturer in Tokyo, Japan founded by Akira Yamada. They specialize in magical goods and jigsaw puzzles.

The name of the company originates from the founder's father, Shokyokusai Tenyo, who was a magician.

Shigeru Sugawara joined Tenyo in 1967.

Genii magazine usually does an article about their new products each year. The 2008 products were in the Genii 2007 December issue.

Richard Kaufman is publishing a book about the Tenyo company in 2014 called TENYO-ISM.

Read more about Tenyo ...

Did you know...

From MagicPedia's newest articles:

  • ... Author Clayton Rawson organized an informal exclusive magic organization in New York City called the Witchdoctors Club...
  • ... George Casaubon was the pen name of Monsignor Vincent Foy, a Roman Catholic priest and magic collector.
  • ... Professor Henderson (Milton H. Grannat) was one of the crew on the Monitor, during the Civil War. After retiring from the Federal Navy at the close of the Civil War, became a magician.
  • ... Houdini wrote under the name "N. Osey" for both Mahatma and his own Conjurers' Monthly Magazine....
  • ... American author John Ball (who wrote the mystery novel "In the Heat of the Night" involving the African-American police detective Virgil Tibbs in 1965) performed as a semi-professional magician in college as Jacques_Morintell...

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The Pendragons Metamorphosis

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On this day February 24...

  • 1864 - Magic manufacturer Carl Brema dies.
  • 1872 - The Great Lafayette (Sigmund Neuberger) was born in Germany. He is noted for his elaborate stage settings and spectacular showmanship.
  • 1874 - Henri Robin, a major celebrity in France, dies in Paris.
  • 1887 - Michael F. Zens, who helped start the Houdini Club of Wisconsin, is born in Kenosha, Wisconsin
  • 1892 - Cecil Lyle, who would become known for his Magical Milliner Act, is born.
  • 1919 - Adrian Plate, one of the first members of the SAM, dies.
  • 1919 - Lenny Greenfader, an influential magician in New York City, is born.
  • 1948 - Popular English stage magician, magic dealer and author Will Goldston dies.
  • 1955 - Harry Kahne, The Incomparable Mentalist, known for being able to write upside down and backwards while reciting poetry at the same time, dies in Los Angeles, California.
  • 1960 - The "Dean of Southern Magicians", Julian Boehm dies in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1976 - Horace Marshall, son of Vaudeville magician Marshall, the Mystic, dies in Akron Ohio.
  • 1999 - Eugene Pronk, who performed as "Marlowe the Magician" and "Pronk the Magician", dies in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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