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Magic Dungeon Academy, named because the initials were intended to poke fun at the Magic Dealers Association, was an obscure but prolific magic group that was a division of IBM Ring 21 in Los Angeles, California during the 1960s and 70s.

Members included semi-professional magicians Robert Wagner, Howard Adams, Lawrence Steinhauer, Patricia Anne Kass (sister of Bob Wagner), and Jeff Fowlston.[1]

They met at Howard Adams home in Westchester (suburban Los Angeles).

Reported in the January 1965 Linking Ring: "Pat Kass gave the purpose of the Academy as being a profitable, non-social organization, devoted to the retardation of magic, having no officers, no dues, and a non-membership fee of $75."

Jules Lenier in the Talisman reported "Recently, I attended a meeting of the M.D.A. As I listened to the conversation and watched the magic, I was struck by the youth of the members, and then I took a second look. Not all those present were as young as I thought they were... it was their attitude. They have all managed to retain their enthusiasm for magic. ... It was one of the most enjoyable meetings I have ever attended."

Books written by members


  1. Magic Dungeon Mentalism by Robert Wagner; Howard Adams (1972)
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