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Magic Mystics Fraternity organized by W. D. Le Roy in 1895. It was chartered in Massachusetts January, 1896, making it the first official society of its kind in United States.

Its objective as stated in the charter was: unite, fraternally, acceptable men who are recognized performers of ability in the art of magic or sleight-of-hand, or who possess some skill in legerdemain, and the establishment and maintenance of a place for social meetings.

It, however, never grew past the founding members which included Le Roy as Grand Magus, Dr. James William Elliott as treasurer, Henry Nero as secretary, Fred J. Bernice, B. B. Keys, Thos. W. Waterman and John E. Lodge. Many later helped a few years later with the formation of the more popular Society of American Magicians


  • THE FIRST SOCIETY OF MAGICIANS By Oscar S. Teale in MUM Vol 5, No. 50 (May, 1917)

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