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Magic Wand
EditorsHarry Leat (1910-1913)
George Johnson (1914-1945)
George Armstrong (1946-1957)
First issueSeptember 1910
Final issueDecember 1957

The Magic Wand was a British Magic Periodical that ran for 47 years from Vol. 1, No. 1 (September 1910) to Vol. 46, No. 256 (December 1957). It was equivalent to the US published Sphinx in terms of influence, longevity and time-frame.

Vol. 9, No. 4, 1920

The Magic Wand was a actually continuation of P. T. Selbit's magazine The Wizard, which was renamed when it was handed over to George Munro.

It started out as a monthly, suspended for a time during World War I, was transformed into a quarterly in 1921 after George Johnson had taken over, and finally became an undated "four-part book" until the last issue which bore the number 256.

Professor Hoffmann made regular contributions and The Annals of Conjuring by Sydney W. Clarke was first serialized here.

Editors :

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