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(Magicana 1999)
(Magicana 1999)
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*[[Genii 1999 January|January 1999]]
*[[Genii 1999 January|January 1999]]
**Dracula and the Handmaidens (Brother John Hamman)
**Dracula and the Handmaidens ([[Brother John Hamman]])
**The Jennings Tapes: MacJennings Aces (Larry Jennings)
**The Jennings Tapes: MacJennings Aces ([[Larry Jennings]])
**Sub Rosa Crimp (Dai Vernon)
**Sub Rosa Crimp ([[Dai Vernon]])
**From a House of Cards [Judson Brown)
**From a House of Cards [[[Judson Brown]])
**Hawaiian Pop-Up Move [Curtis Kam)
**Hawaiian Pop-Up Move [[[Curtis Kam]])
**The Maximum Dimension (Max Maven)
**The Maximum Dimension ([[Max Maven]])
*[[Genii 1999 February|February 1999]]
*[[Genii 1999 February|February 1999]]

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Magicana was a magic newsletter started by Bill Woodfield in 1946 as a "A Trade Paper for Magicians" and was included within Genii starting in 1948.

Charlie Miller took over calling it Magicana New Series from 1964 to 1978.

When Richard Kaufman became the publisher/editor of Genii in 1998, he revived the Magicana section and began writing it himself. Earle Oakes was brought on as illustrator. David Acer took over writing Magicana starting with the May 2005 issue.


Magicana Columnists from 1998 to Present


Magicana 1999

Magicana 2000

Magicana 2001

  • September 2001
    • Alan Greenberg's Thumbtip Tip (Alan "Ace" Greenberg)
    • The Haversat Hinge: A One-Handed Double Lift (David Haversat)
    • McDonald's Aces Segue No.1 (Jim Morton)
    • Segue No.2 (John Henahan)

Magicana 2002

Magicana 2003

Magicana 2004

Magicana 2005

Magicana 2006

  • June 2006
    • Oddservation (Jack Parker)
    • Traveling Without Moving (Jack Parker)
    • On, In and Under (Jack Parker)
    • Remote Control (Jack Parker)
    • No Fuss (Jack Parker)
    • All That Jazz (Jack Parker)
    • Rabbits (Jack Parker)
    • Labelled a Cheat (Jack Parker)
    • Altered States (Jack Parker)
  • September 2006
    • The Evolution of Coins Across (Jonathan Townsend)
    • Jon's Coins Across (Jonathan Townsend)

  • December 2006
    • The Ring (Brian Nordstrom)
    • About Face (Richard Hucko)
    • Invisible Touch (Patrik Kuffs)
    • The Schneider Technique: Squeeze (Al Schneider)
    • Changing of the Cards (Dr. Giorgio Tarchini)

Magicana 2007

  • June 2007
    • Reloaded (Jack Parker)
    • Final Palm (Jack Parker)
    • The Three Stooges (Jack Parker)
    • Detour (Oddservation Redux) (Jack Parker)
    • Ouroboros (Jack Parker)
    • The Third Time's The Charm (Jack Parker)
    • Revolutionary Card (Jack Parker)

Magicana 2008

Magicana 2009

  • February 2009
    • Currency Swap (Hiro Sakai)
    • Quiet Revolution (Hiro Sakai)
    • The Bill Doctor (Hiro Sakai)
    • YKK (Hiro Sakai)
    • Balloon Bank Nite (Hiro Sakai)
    • The Strange Pass (Hiro Sakai)
    • The Uncluttered Mind (Hiro Sakai)
  • March 2009
    • Interplay (Brother John Hamman)
    • Tossed Out Time (Anthony Lindan)
    • Detachable Digit (Duc Nhien)
    • Hidden Gems: Darn! I Couldn't... (Harry Lorayne)
    • The Fulcrum Vanish (Matthew Dowden)
    • Fresh Gilbreath (Dr. Giorgio Tarchini)
  • May 2009
    • Signed Quarter In Balloon (Michel Huot)
    • Totally Under Control (Scott Robinson)
    • Money Where Your Mouth Is (Daniel J. Millstein)
    • Until You’re Blue in the Face (Jack Parker)
  • July 2009
    • Unfair Trade (Shiv Duggal)
    • Cash In Hand (Shiv Duggal)
    • Reorient Express (Shiv Duggal)
    • Exchange of Wealth (Shiv Duggal)
    • Vice Versa (Shiv Duggal)

  • August 2009
    • Double Stuff (Pete McCabe) (see video on right)
    • Matchmaker (Per Strandberg)
    • Four Gone Conclusion (Jacky Kahan)
    • Real-Life Nightshades (Dylan Gelinas)
    • Super Collectors (Doc Docherty)

Magicana 2010

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