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Magigals was the first magic organization exclusively for women.
Insignia (1961)

It was officially organized in January 1939 as an offshoot of the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. Geraldine Larsen was made President (which she held until 1960); Carolyn Trask, Vice-President; and Theresa "Teddy" Leon, Secretary.

The object of the club was to promote interest in magic among the women of Southern California. [1]

The charter members were:

Beatrice Houdini was also an honorary member and she was very active in the group until her death in 1943. She sponsored a Magigals award for outstanding female performers, given at the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians' annual convention. The award was a gold pin featuring the Magigals emblem and a diamond, which had been part of a diamond broach that Beatrice had received as a gift from her late husband, Harry Houdini. The "Houdini Award" was presented for several years. Winners included Zella Zoe Zoss and Maxine Long.

Magigal clubs were formed in other parts of the country, with Assembly No. 2 in Seattle in 1944 and eventually attaining international status with chapters around the world as "Magigals International".

Geraldine Larsen wrote a Magigal page for Genii called "Paging the Ladies" during the 1940's and early 50's.

Its official newsletter, Backstage with Magigals, began in 1952.

With lack of interest and with every major magic organization accepting female membership, they decided to disband and blended into the Pacific Coast Association of Magicians in 2001. The final International President was Lori Farquhar after Janet Vance of Oregon had held the office.

The British Assembly of Magigals is still very active. It is celebrating its 50th year on 14th April, 2013, at the President's and Founder's Day Lunch, Sally Andrews being the President in this milestone year.


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