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Max Auzinger (July 26, 1839 - May 11, 1928) was a German actor and magician, who o performed as the Oriental character "Ben Ali Bey". He also billed himself briefly as "Maxitan A-Uzin-Ger".

Max Auzinger
BornMax Auxinger
July 26, 1839
DiedMay 11, 1928 (age 88)

Auzinger is credited with the discovery of Black art. Around 1875, he discovered the principle by accident while watching a black-faced actor playing a scene set in a dark dungeon. Only the man's white teeth and eyes were visible when watching from the stage.

He used it in his shows:

  • "Indian and Egyptian Miracles"
  • "The Magnetized Drawing" where a skeleton drawn on a blackboard began to dance to music.
  • "The Creation of Woman by the Gods of the Orient," in which a caterpillar drawn on a sheet of paper comes to life.
  • "The Soap-Bubbles" where colored soap-bubbles of different sizes floated and formed themselves into a pyramid.

He acted in numerous black and white silent films from 1913 until 1920.


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