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Michael Ammar

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Michael Ammar
BornJune 25, 1956
Logan, West Virginia

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Michael Ammar (b.1956) is one of America's best-known close-up magicians, and is famous within the worldwide magical community. Ammar was born in Logan, West Virginia, and is the youngest of four children.

Beginnings in Magic

His interest in magic began when he read a comic book and noticed an advertisement which read "500 tricks for 25 cents!". Ammar sent his quarter and received a catalog. He began ordering tricks and practicing. Before long, he had a full magic show, complete with doves and a teenage assistant. The community, small as it was, supported him and booked him for local shows for schools and birthdays. While in college at West Virginia University, Ammar developed friendships with others involved in magic. He began to publish his ideas in the early 1980s, and performed for Johnny Carson, as well as at the Magic Castle.

Carreer in Magic

In 1983, Ammar entered the FISM magic competition and was awarded the Gold Medal for Close-Up Magic. In doing so, he became the second American in the history of the competition to do so. After winning at FISM, Ammar travelled west and became friends with the great Dai Vernon who became Ammar's mentor throughout the following years.

In 1998 Michael appeared on NBC's World's Greatest Magic.

He has produced over forty video titles, also books and magazines. In 1999 The Magic Magazine named him one of 100 most influential magicians of the century.



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