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== Books ==
== Books ==
*[[Michael Skinner's Intimate Magic]] (1982) (with Jeff Busby)
*[[Michael Skinner's Intimate Magic]] (1982) by [[Jeff Busby]]
*[[Classic Sampler]] (1996)
*[[Classic Sampler]] (1996)

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Michael Skinner (1947- September 2, 1998) was a close-up magician that grew up in Rochester, New York and studied under Eddie Fechter from Buffalo. He later moved to Hollywood and spent eight years at the Magic Castle studying with the Professor, Dai Vernon.

Performing 3 card monte

For over 20 years, he was the magician in residence at the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, Nevada.

His vast repertoire once allowed him to perform 28 shows, in one week, at the Magic Castle without repeating a single effect.

Skinner made two guest appearances on Johnny Carson's Tonight Show.

He won Best Close-up Magician twice and was awarded a Performing Fellowship in 1997 by the Academy of Magical Arts.


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