Moonshine Monologues

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Moonshine Monologues is an ebook by Tom Stone published in 2009. 21 Pages.


  • Stirring up the Still - A new introduction for Multiplying Bottles
  • Don't stare at my Bottom - An idea for Multiplying Bottles.
  • The Pianist's Cutlery - Where a spoon mysteriously travel from one place to another. Based on the Piano Card Trick.
  • Redneck Remedy - A sequence inspired by Marconick.
  • GlassWhere? - An idea for making only the glass travel from one tube to another.
  • Audience Cues - Which discuss ideas on how one might secretly cue an audience in a Thought Transmitter routine.
  • Glass-Bottle-Can - Created by Daniel Risman. This allows the glass to be transformed into a canister, in a Multiplying Bottle routine
  • Paperback Writer - which is almost a prediction effect.
  • Multiplying Glasses - Not only the bottles multiply.
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