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Mostly Magic Nite Club was a weekly magic show produced by Imam in New York City on Carmine Street from 1980 until 1993.


In the 1970s the Magic Towne House presented close-up magic on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City. Then in 1980, Imam, a Magic Towne House alumnus, opened Mostly Magic in Greenwich Village, which eventually closed in 1993.

There were two shows every Friday and Saturday night. The club was divided into two separate rooms; a small bar in front and a small cabaret in the rear. The cabaret had semi-circular tiered seating, with the front row just inches from the performer.

As the years passed, Imam also brought in jugglers, mimes, comics and singers to perform.

After Mostly Magic closed in 1993, years later Monday Night Magic started filling the void for live magic in New York City.


Magicians who performed at Mostly Magic included: Derek Dingle, Meir Yedid, Slydini, George Schindler, Peter Samelson and Lou Lancaster.


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