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Natural Selections, Volume II

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Natural Selections, Volume II
Natural Selections II.jpg
AuthorDavid Acer
PublisherCamirand Academy of Magic
Publication Date1999
Preceded byNatural Selections
Natural Selections, Volume II is the follow-up to David Acer’s 1996 book, Natural Selections (which is now out of print). This volume features more than 35 sleights and routines with cards, coins, postcards, business cards, novels, bottle caps, and more, including collaborational items with Jay Sankey, Simon Lovell and Richard Sanders.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Walkaround Miracles

  • Time Flies
  • Mail Fraud
  • Intangibill
  • R.I.P.
  • Madcap

A Day in the Life #1: The Sanders Incident

CHAPTER 2: Professional Card Magic

  • Double Vision
  • Symmetry
  • Twisting the Acers
  • Diamonds Are Forever
  • All But One (with Jay Sankey)
  • The Montreal Transpo (with Jay Sankey)
  • This Side Up
  • Hofzinser's Delusion
  • Reverse Logic

A Day in the Life #2: Lovell, Sisti and Hurlbert

CHAPTER 3: Beginning, Middle and End

  • Ripped Torn (L'il John)
  • Movin' On Up
  • The Card Also Rises

A Day in the Life #3: Language Barrier

CHAPTER 4: Oddities & Undercurrents

  • Supernova
  • Lethal Force
  • Acereverse
  • Slow Motion Classic Pass
  • The Card-Warp Get-Ready
  • The Wave Change
  • Endless Chain: The Finger Ring Subtlety
  • Ghost in the Machine

A Day in the Life #4: The Nooner

CHAPTER 5: Sandwichcraft

  • Flipwich
  • Zenwich
  • Color Scheme
  • The Ferret Fliperoo (Simon Lovell)
  • Printed Matter

A Day in the Life #5: The Battery

CHAPTER 6: Sudden Impact

  • Heavy Credit
  • The Pagemaster (with Jay Sankey)
  • Quartermain

CHAPTER 7: Essays

  • Someone's Coming Over, and It's Not the Waiter!
  • A Prop By Any Other Name... (includes "The Time Machine," with Richard Sanders)
  • Getting Press

BONUS: Marketed Magic

A Few Highlights

  • TIME FLIES: A borrowed quarter travels back in time with the help of a watch the magician has removed from his own wrist. Then the watch travels back in time, vanishing from his hand and reappearing back on his wrist.
  • THIS SIDE UP: An entire deck reverses itself instantly within the confines of a card case.
  • QUARTERMAIN: Three coins penetrate a regular deck one by one, dropping into the drinking glass upon which it is resting.
  • HEAVY CREDIT: A credit card is removed from the magician's wallet, the wallet is closed, then the credit card is placed on top of it. In the blink of an eye, the credit card vanishes, only to be found back inside its slot in the wallet.
  • PRINTED MATTER: Three blank cards removed from a blank-faced deck visibly print into duplicates of three different selections via the astonishing Flipwich move, then the entire deck prints, and everything can be examined. So good, this was originally slated to be published as a separate manuscript.

A Sampling of Reviews

  • “Extremely clever material... This one is easy to recommend.” David Goodsell, M.U.M.
  • “There is wonderful, memorable magic here... Highly recommended.” Phil Willmarth, The Linking Ring
  • “Delightful card tricks and whimsical close-up stuff. It was like reading a Frank Garcia book, without the chicken recipes.” Mark Levy, co-author of Magic for Dummies
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