On the Other Side of the Mirror

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On the Other Side of the Mirror
AuthorCushing Strout
PublisherI Saw That!
Publication Date2005

On the Other Side of the Mirror is a book of card tricks by Cushing Strout that require prearrangement, virtually no sleight of hand, and lend themselves to rich storylines. Subtitled Prearrangement and Plot in Close-Up Card Magic, the plots include predictions and revelations based on zodiac signs, a spectator's birthday, a do-it-yourself murder mystery, and lie detection, with some of the routines making use of unusual decks, such as Tarot cards and Alice-in-Wonderland cards. Softbound, 48 pages, published in 2005 by I Saw That!.

It was reviewed by Michael Close in the October 2006 issue of Genii, and praised by Martin Gardner as "... a marvelous collection of fresh ideas."

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Variations on "The Nine Problem"
  • Invisible Setups
  • The Queens Cast a Spell
  • Further Than That and the Lie Detector
  • The Left-Handed Clock
  • Taking Another Look at the Dead Man's Hand
  • Conjuring with Classics
    • Six Napoleons
    • The Bohemian Scandal
    • Holmes Meets Endfield
    • On the Other Side of the Mirror
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