On the Up and Up

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On the Up and Up (An Impromptu Rising Card Routine With A Borrowed Deck) was written with Ken Krenzel.

On the Up and Up
AuthorRichard Kaufman
IllustratorRichard Kaufman
Publication Date1978

Based on an Fred Robinson's Ambitious Riser published in Pabular (Vol. 1), the main routine is having three signed cards which had been lost in the deck, rise individually as one hand holds the deck toward the audience. The third selection rises with its back toward audience, which then instantly and visibly turns around to be seen as the third signed selection.


  • 1) History and Evolution Pg. 7
  • 2) KK's Method For The Single-Card Rise Pg. 8
  • 3) RK's Method For The Multiple-Card Rise Pg. 12
  • 4) RK's Climax For The Multiple-Card Rise Pg. 14
  • 5) KK's Climax For A Two-Card Rise Pg. 15
  • 6) KK's Application of Tilt For Loading Pg. 16
  • 7) RK's Variation of the Tilt Load Pg. 17
  • 8) The Routine Pg. 18
  • 9) In Addition Pg. 19
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