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Ottokar Fischer

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Ottokar Fischer

As Viennese Correspondent to Conjurers Monthly Magazine, 1906
BornOttokar Fischer
November 10, 1873
Austria Leschan, Mähren (now Lešany, CZ)
DiedDecember 01, 1940 (age 67)
Vienna Austria
Resting placeZentralfriedhof, Vienna, Austria
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Ottokar Fischer (1873 - 1940) was was an Austrian magician.


Ottokar Fischer was born in Leschan, a small village in Mähren, Austria (now Lešany, CZ), to Josef Fischer und Christine Fischer (born Večera). In 1891 he was married to Barbara Eiböck (1875-1938), they had a son (Dr. Otto Fischer).

In 1883 his parents moved to Vienna, where he saw Charles Arbre, Herman Mellini, Ben Ali Bey, and other noted performers. He gave his own first public performance at age 18.

Fischer studied with A. Fredmar, who claimed to be the successor of Compars Herrmann. In 1895 Fischer met George Heubeck, who was one of the pupils of J. N. Hofzinser. Heubeck taught Fischer all of Hofzinser's effects he knew.

Starting in 1898 Fischer managed and appeared regularly at the Kratky-Baschik theatre in Vienna, a magic theatre with nearly 1000 seats. For 12 years he performed nearly daily with a two and a half-hour show of magic. In his Kratky-Baschik performances Fischer billed himself as "O.F. Marteau". (Note: Some sources in Internet claim Fischer's name was "Ottokar Fischer Marteau", which is wrong.) Several times Fischer performed before the Imperial Court of Austria and before other crowned heads.

Fischer founded his own magic shop "WIENER KUNSTSTÄTTE" (1914-1929) where he also sold a lot of Hofzinser's tricks. Fischer had many famous people like C.H. Larette, Valentino Graziadei, Rolf Hansen, etc.

Fischer was always interested in the history of magic and dedicated a great part of his life in its research. He started to investigate J.N. Hofzinser's life and continued his research of historical magicians around the world. He also stayed in contact with a lot of magicians (i.e. Harry Houdini, Okito, Dr. Rohnstein, Clement de Lion, etc.)

In 1908 Fischer founded the "Wiener Magischer Club" and was its president for several times.[1]

He is buried at Zentralfriedhof in Vienna, Austria.[2]

Awards and honors


  • J. N. Hofzinser's Card Conjuring - Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Kartenkünste (1910)
  • The Miracle Book of Magic (Das Wunderbuch der Zauberkunst) (1929)
  • Illustrated Magic - Zauberkünste (1931)
  • Aus Eins Mach' Zehn (1937)
  • Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser Zauberkünste (1942)


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