Professor E. Cooper Taylor

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Professor E. Cooper Taylor
BornEdward Cooper Taylor
February 16, 1852
New Brunswick, New Jersey.
DiedFebruary 16, 1927 (age 75)

Professor E. Cooper Taylor was a touring professional magician as "Taylor The Wizard" and is said to have been the first to used the valuable idea (in 1882) of getting the cooperation of the police in challenging him to escape from their cuffs.[1]

In 1867, after attended a performance in New Jersey by John Henry Anderson Jr. (son of the famous John Henry Anderson (Wizard of the North), a fifteen year old Taylor went backstage to give him a demonstration of his own skill. He asked the professor if he could join the show and he was hired. Thus beginning the career as a touring magician that would continue for more than thirty years.

In 1869 Taylor left the Anderson troupe to start out on his own, and Anderson presented his father's linking rings.

His Bullet Catching act with a rifle and handcuff escape were great favorites with his audiences.[2]

He was SAM member No. 484 of the Boston Assembly when he passed away.[3][4]


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