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Purse Frame, a hinged metal snap-open top of a small change-purse (without its bag), is a prop used in the magical production of small objects, such as coins or balls.

Al Baker was the first to adapt this to magic in the 1920s, Eugene L. Bulson in his inroduction for his "Scotch Purse" efffect in Phoenix No. 214 states that Charles R. "Baffles" Brush was the first bring it to his attention at one of the first IBM conventions in Kenton (around 1920s). Brush attributed the idea to Al Baker (if he remembered correctly) and it may have also been mentioned in his column the Sphinx.

It became a pet effect of Albert Goshman.


  • Scotch Purse by Eugene L. Bulson, Phoenix No 214 (October 20, 1950), page 856.
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