Revolutionary Card Technique

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Revolutionary Card Technique (RCT) was a series of booklets on card magic written by Ed Marlo (and typed by his wife Muriel) between 1954 and 1962 that discussed subjects that had not yet been treated in depth in the current literature at the time.

Booklets included:

  1. Miracle Card Changes (1954)
  2. Action Palm (1956)
  3. Fingertip Control (1956)
  4. Side Steal (Book) (1957)
  5. The Tabled Palm (1957)
  6. The Faro Shuffle (1958)
  7. Faro Notes (1958)
  8. Seconds, Centers and Bottoms (3 parts) (1960)
  9. The Multiple Shift (1961)
  10. Card Switches ( (1961)
  11. Estimation (2 parts) (1962)

In 2003, Magic, Inc. released the series in one volume, re-edited and re-illustrated.

Reviewed in Genii 2003 July

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