Ricardo Richiardi

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== References ==
== References ==
* [1] Here Comes Richardine bu Arthur Leroy, November 1959, [[Genii]].
* [1] Here Comes Richardine by Arthur Leroy, November 1959, [[Genii]].
[[Category:Biographies|Richiardi, Ricardo]]
[[Category:Biographies|Richiardi, Ricardo]]

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Ricardo Richiardi (1895 - 1937) born in Argentina, billed himself as The Great Richiardi

Early in his career he worked with Ricardo Richardine, Sr. (no relation).[1]

His show consisted of magic in first half and ventriloquism in the second. He brought his show on tour to the United States in 1936. His illusion show became so large that if all the magic was presented in one continuous performance, the show would run over 7 hours.

In 1937, while on tour, a car accident ended his life in Atlanta, Georgia. His son Aldo Richiardi, who billed himself as Richiardi, Jr., was 14 when he became heir to his father's magical empire.


  • [1] Here Comes Richardine by Arthur Leroy, November 1959, Genii.
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