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(Marketed Versions)
(Marketed Versions)
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* [[Kundalini Rising Cards]]
* [[Kundalini Rising Cards]]
* [[Tenyo Rising Cards]]
* [[Tenyo Rising Cards]]
* [[Lyons Card Rise]] - conceived by [[Dr. L. Vosburgh Lyons]] around 1936 and made by [[Herman Hanson]]. Lyons licensed it to [[U.F. Grant]] who made and marketed it around 1937.
== Publications ==
== Publications ==

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Rising Cards (also known as Card Rise, Aerial Cards, Obedient Cards) is a classic effect in which one or more cards (selected or called for) rise up and out of the deck. Some stop at the top of the deck, while others keep on rising and float around.


Notable Performances

Hooker Rising Cards

Dr. Samuel Hooker baffled some of the greatest magicians of his time with invitation-only showings of his Hooker's Rising Cards routine in a small theater he constructed at his own home in Brooklyn Heights, New York around 1915.

Queen of the Air

Howard Thruston's Rising Card act in which the chosen card would rise out of the deck and float through the air.

Marketed Versions


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