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Roy Benson (Jan 17, 1914 - Dec 6, 1977) was born Edward Emerson Ford McQuaid in Courbevoie, France. His mother was Dora Ford of the Four Fords and The Ford Sisters of Vaudeville fame. His father was Edward Emerson McQuaid of Vaudeville's Juggling team, Emerson and Baldwin.

Roy was a proficient musician, a professor. He was both a close-up magician and magical stage comedian. He built the monster for the movie "The Flesh Eaters" in 1964, directed by his cousin Jack Curtis.

Roy was a student of Nate Leipzig. He originated the long pour finish for the salt trick and well known for his creation of the ball and bowl routine.

Row made many contributions to the Phoenix magazine.

He struggled with alcoholism and eventually died of emphysema.

Roy performing many routines, including his salt pour, on TV in 1955.


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